PCB Printed Circuit Board

PCB Printed Circuit Board

Today, electronic gadgets like computers, cell phones and multi-media players are ubiquitous. All of these electronic gadgets use one or more printed circuit boards inside them. Each printed circuit board contains multiple discrete devices properly placed on it and connected together to implement the correct functionality. The discrete components on these printed circuit boards can range from a few hundred to tens of thousands, all assembled on a single printed circuit board. The process of assembling a printed circuit board can be broadly classified into two types: Plated through Hole (PTH) Technology and Surface Mount Technology (SMT).

PTH Technology is implemented for those products where overall size of the board is not a major concern. The discrete components are inserted into holes bored through the circuit board and then the connections between the component leads and the circuit board pads are soldered beneath the printed circuit board. Lately, consumer penchant for smaller product sizes has led to the gradual decline of PTH Technology and the gradual growth of SMT technology in printed circuit board assembly. In addition to smaller product sizes, SMT technology also offers improved functionality and stability. The various shapes, sizes and configurations of permissible surface mounted components have made possible the assembly of a huge number of discrete electronic components on a single printed circuit board, resulting in increased component density and smaller product sizes.

In the SMT environment, the printed circuit board assembly process includes five operations in all. First, a solder paste is applied where the components will be placed. This is usually done by screen printing. Next, there is a placement operation in which a very high speed placement tool is used to mount tiny discrete components like resistors on the printed circuit board. Next, a flexible placement machine is used for mounting large components like integrated circuits on the printed circuit board. Once all the discrete devices have been placed, the board is checked for any missing components. Then, the printed circuit board is placed on a conveyor and baked in an oven, in order to make the solder paste reflow and form the solder joints. Finally, the printed circuit board has to be cleaned to get rid of contaminants revealed during the process of fabrication and assembly.

MakeMyCircuitBoard.com has worked with several companies and helped them bring their products to the market. Our highly skilled engineers have several years of experience in printed circuit board assembly, which makes us an ideal choice for all types of design projects. Our clients range from start-ups who need a few printed circuit board prototypes, to large established corporations who need several thousand multi-layered circuit boards, and everything in between. So whatever your requirements may be, we are just a phone call away. Our printed circuit board assembly services and capabilities include:
  • SMT and PTH printed circuit board assembly
  • Prototype and quick-turn printed circuit board assembly
  • Consignment and turnkey services
  • BOM component sourcing and cost reduction
  • Lead free and fully RoHS compliant
  • Hybrid assemblies
  • Micro BGA and BGA placement (mirrored and double-sided)
  • 100% BGA x-ray inspection
  • BGA re-flow and re-work
  • Fine pitch and press fit connectors
  • Thermal profiles
  • 0201ís and fine pitch component placement
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • IPC-A-600-G
  • Class 2 and Class 3 compliance
MakeMyCircuitBoard.com provides leading printed circuit board solutions to our clients worldwide. Our assembly technicians, floor leads, process engineers and quality control personnel are the best in their domain. Our team is highly skilled and offers state of the art printed circuit board assembly services. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your printed circuit board assembly needs.

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