Circuit Board

Circuit Board offers a wide range of electronic product design and development services. We can fulfill your electrical circuit design and printed circuit board engineering needs using our team of highly skilled engineers and technicians, each with several years of experience in digital and analog circuit design. Using industry standard software and proven design techniques, we can rapidly and efficiently help you bring your product from concept to realization.

Over the years, our printed circuit board engineering and circuit design team has worked on a variety of products ranging from consumer electronics and computer peripherals to medical devices and communications products. Our engineers have extensive domain knowledge in many diverse industry verticals. has an extensive set of industry standard software tools for electrical circuit design, simulation and testing, including printed circuit board design printed circuit board layout, IC design, IC layout and FPGA design. Our highly skilled engineers and state of the art equipment enable us to deliver solutions that are optimized for functionality and manufacturability. has worked with several companies and helped them bring their products to the market. Our highly skilled engineers have several years of experience in printed circuit board engineering, which makes us an ideal choice for all types of design projects. Our clients range from start-ups who need a few printed circuit board prototypes, to large established corporations who need several thousand multi-layered circuit boards, and everything in between. So whatever your requirements may be, we are just a phone call away. Our printed circuit board engineering services and capabilities include:
  • System and architecture design, product specifications
  • Analog and digital circuit design, RF and wireless design
  • Schematic design, circuit simulation and verification
  • Parts selection and BOM optimization
  • Printed circuit board design and printed circuit board layout
  • Prototyping and modeling
  • Electronic testing and design validation
  • Manufacturing support provides leading printed circuit board solutions to our clients worldwide. Our design engineers, circuit board technicians, process engineers and quality control personnel are the best in their domain. Our team is highly skilled and offers state of the art printed circuit board engineering services. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your printed circuit board engineering needs.

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